Everything you need to know about Ault

Dear readers, dear old citizens of Ault or new residents,
Dear permanent residents or secondary residents, dear tourists,
Dear French, Germans, Belgians, Dutch, Swedes, Martians,…
Dear everyone of you, below you find a summary of the situation in Ault.

My name is Juliette Percheron, and together with my fiancé and some friends, I bought a house in Ault facing the sea about seven years ago.
In 2013 a journalist suddenly knocked on our door with the announcement that the coast of Ault was in danger. She came from a press conference with the local council and the ‘Syndicat Mixte’* that had announced in the middle of January – when the city is completely deserted – that the French State had chosen Ault (with four other French cities) as candidate for a strategic retreat, in other words the destruction of the coast in Ault. This with the agreement of the local council of Ault (that refused to confirm this in spite of the fact that the mayor had already put her signature on the public documents).
What does this imply? Well, the French State no longer has the financial means to preserve and maintain the coast, she retreats from maintaining the coast line. That’s why they call upon the ‘Fonds Barnier’: they have money which allows them to give indemnity to the owners of houses in front of the coast line that are in danger under certain conditions.
But…the dangers are not clearly stated. Because yes, if there were a certain danger, we are of course not mad, then we would certainly move. THIS IS A POLITICAL DECISION that certain people link to a geological necessity…for which there is no proof at all.
From that moment on, together with my friends of Ault, we decided to fight back. There is no question that we would surrender without a fight!!!
In this blog you will find all necessary information, the proof, the ‘zonage’ of the PPR and the actual situation.
Below our goals:
Everyone has to be aware of the zones and the projects in Ault, in particular the future buyers of houses in front of the sea, especially the foreigners who don’t speak French.
Help those whose houses have lost all value.
Establish means and ways to solve the real problem of the crumbling off of the chalk cliffs. A good management of the sewer system and the waste water: this is the real enemy, not the sea!
A good maintenance of the city!
And as far as I am concerned: recognition of the architecture of Ault and a good communication with its secondary citizens who represent 60% of the population.

But not everything is negative. Because yes, thanks to our power to fight and our communication, the council has changed her mind and has refused to accept the new plan (Le Nouveau Plan de Prévision des Risques**, more and more people visit Ault, people awake consciousness, the press comes to visit us…

How can you participate in the life of Ault, even when you are only in Ault from time to time?

Join the associations, being

‘Ault Environnement’, a very active association in favour of the juridical and administrative defense of Ault. HYPERLINK « http://www.ault-environment.com » http://www.ault-environment.com

But the cultural associations as well:

Le petit casino helps to promote local street artists, gives access to the current artists in Ault, particularly with the organization of the festivity ‘Côte à Côte’ during the first weekend of August.
HYPERLINK « http://www.petitcasinodailleurs.com/presentation » http://www.petitcasinodailleurs.com/presentation
The real dynamic life in Ault, lively entertainment
You can also join our facebook page ‘J’aime Ault’ and add pictures or comments in your own language.

You will find all associations of Ault on: HYPERLINK « http://www.ault.fr/associations.html » http://www.ault.fr/associations.html

Register to vote: you have the right to vote for the election of the mayor from the moment you are resident of Ault, even when it is a secondary residence. When you fail to register do not hesitate to contact me: HYPERLINK « mailto:cestmoi@juliettepercheron.com » cestmoi@juliettepercheron.com

Long Live Ault!!! Long live the citizens of Ault!!

Juliette Percheron

*Le Syndicat Mixte Baie de Somme is part of the French government and is occupied with the management control of the seaside and coast of the Baie de Somme.

**Plan de Prévention des Risques: is a report about the waterfront and is concerned with the risks for the cliffs and flooding. It defines the zones which are dangerous and which are not. It also has force by law to prohibit the building of houses in the area. It has to be accepted by the local council before it can be applied. The local council of Ault has rejected the plan in total. This PPR (in short) would mean the final death for the centre of Ault and its coastline, and is for us incredibly biased.